Manuela Álvarez

Manuela Álvarez, creative director of MAZ who stablished a relationship with fashion since she was a kid as a way of expressing herself. From the beginning she experimented with different styles and intervened garments. She studied fashion design in Marangoni Fashion Institute in Milan where, through exploration, she found an interest in modern tailoring and her own creative voice.


MAZ is a multicultural high-end fashion brand created by Manuela Álvarez in 2013. She founded MAZ, as a brand that arises from an introspective process through tailoring, creating the need to empower women in their daily lives, by means of their clothing. Manuel has participated in projects involving indigenous communities, and has become an agent for change in Colombia, co-creating fine pieces with communities from different regions of the country. Promoting fair labor and the preservation of Colombia’s ancient crafts and culture.



Consuelo´s journey as a clothes manufacturer started 36 years ago. It transformed into professional and intellectual learning process, these experiences have shaped Consuelo’s creativity and assertiveness in creating pieces that involve artisanal elaborations. She believes MAZ has given her the opportunity to evolve her skills, making her feel fulfilled and gratified.

Floralba has been working in the industry for 45 years. Her work is full of love and she transmits the emotions she feels into her embroidering pieces. She owns her sewing workshop since 30 years ago, where she embroiders all types of garments, every handcrafted piece she creates is a different world for her.

Floralba Salazar

Deisy works in costume industry since 26 years ago, specializing in leather and suede. Every handmade piece she makes is caracterized by her handmade work: embroidery, perforations, knitwear and artisanal details. Daisy loves art, she believes that the human body is a canvas, so she tries to make every single person that wears MAZ, feel like a work of art.

Deisy Santafé Rodríguez

Leonel started working in the industry 20 years ago. He specializes in womens wear, and enjoys making every type of handcrafted garment for MAZ, from coats and jackets to skirts. He has always worked by himself in sartorial and custom clothing.

Tony Parker

Nohora has been in handcrafted clothes manufacturing since 42 years ago. She started with the elaboration of blouses, dresses and pants for MAZ, but then specialized in working with the indigenous artisan elaborations in Guanga vertical loom “Chumbes” and “Sayos”.

Nora Cecilia Rojas Rodriguez

Sagrario started her hand knitting journey in the textile industry 35 years ago. Later she bought her own sewing machine, and started working by herself in her sewing workshop, specializing in handcrafted knitwear. For Sagrario the most important thing is to achieve our creative director’s goals and transmit her love in every piece of MAZ she makes, in order for it to be successful.

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